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What We’ll Cover in Advanced WordPress Training

In Advanced WordPress Course, you will learn all the 6 modules ( 75+ lessons ) that already mentioned below. You can compare our course content to others. By the end of this course, you will have your very own WordPress website with advanced features.A big part of this class will be setting up a development environment and learning to see your computer as a tool rather than a black box.

Why WordPress Kolkata?

WordPress Kolkata is an accredited WordPress training provider and website creation company in the city of joy, Kolkata. We provide Advanced WordPress Training with live projects. You will get training from our WordPress Professional who has already developed more than 100 WordPress websites around the world.

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No prior knowledge of web development necessary, even a student can take this course. This course is geared toward beginners and is a great precursor to the WordPress Fundamentals course.

Module 1: What is Wordpress?10 Topics

  • What is Content Management System ( CMS ) ?
  • What is Blog & Why it's needed?
  • What is WordPress & Why it's popular?
  • How to install and Configure WordPress ?
  • Change basic settings of WordPress
  • Folder Structure of WordPress
  • What is Theme & Template in WordPress ?
  • How to install WordPress Theme?
  • How to upload and install Themes manually?
  • What is plugin in WordPress?

Module 2: Manage Content 10 Topics

  • What is Content ?
  • What is Page in WordPress?
  • What is Post in WordPress?
  • How to create new Pages & Posts in WordPress?
  • What is difference between Post and Page?
  • How to create Private posts & pages in WordPress?
  • What is Category & Tags in Post?
  • What is difference between Category and Tag ?
  • How to upload Images & Files to a Website ?
  • How Insert an Image in a Post & Page ?

Module 3: Manage WordPress 20 Topics

  • How to set Site Title and Slogan of Website
  • How to Chanage Admin Email
  • How to create a new User in WordPress?
  • How to set User Role for users in WordPress?
  • How to configure for multiuser
  • What is URL?
  • How to configure post settings
  • What is Permalink ?
  • How Permalink works ?
  • What Post Visibility
  • What is Menu in Wordpress
  • How to call Menu using walker Class
  • How to Create Top & Footer Menu in Wordpress
  • What is WordPress Sidebar & How it's Works
  • What is Widget in WordPress ?
  • WordPress File Structure
  • How to create Custom Page in WordPress
  • Manage Comments For WordPress Blog
  • How to Take Database Backup in WordPress
  • Introduction about functions.php In WordPress

Module 4: Theme Development15 Topics

  • What is Theme in WordPress ?
  • How Wordpress Theme Works ?
  • What is Child Theme in WordPress ?
  • How to Create & Call Multiple Menus in a Template
  • How to Create Page Template( Custom Page) ?
  • What is Post Type?
  • How to Create Custom Post Type In WordPress
  • What is Custom Field?
  • What is Metabox & Meta Field ?
  • What is Taxonomy ?
  • How to Create a Taxonomy in Post Type ?
  • What is Contact Form & How it's Work ?
  • How to Create Custom Contact Form
  • How to Save Custom Form data in Table
  • What is Email Template & How it's Works

Module 5: Plugin Development 15 Topics

  • How to Create a Plugin in WordPress?
  • What is Hook in WordPress?
  • What is Filter in WordPress?
  • How to create Widget in WordPress?
  • How to create Widget Area in WordPress?
  • What is Custom Table?
  • How to save data in Custom Table
  • How to create a Pagination in Custom Table
  • How to create a submenu under Admin Settings Menu
  • How to Create a Menu in WordPress Admin Dashboard?
  • How Show Frontend Data to Admin Section
  • How to Customized Admin Table?
  • What to customized others Plugins ?
  • How to Filter Data in WordPress Admin ?
  • Create your Own Plugin

Module 6: Online Store With WooCommerce 5 Topics

  • How to develop a shopping cart website using WooCommerce - The Best WordPress eCommerce Platform
  • How to Add, Edit, Delete Products
  • How to configure Payment Gateway in WooCommerce
  • How to Upload Local Host Project to live Server?
  • How to take Backup of the Website?

That’s not all, you will do at least 3 projects during the course. Our WordPress Expert will help you to do that.

WordPress Training Details

Duration: 2 Months

Classes : 2 days in a Week

Learn : 75+ lessons and More

Online Training Fees : 8,000 /- only

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1. Web Development Essentials

Gain a comprehensive foundation in web development. Learn HTML, CSS, javascript and how a website really works.

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2. WordPress Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of the WordPress Dashboard, Manage Content,themes, and how to customize them.

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3. WordPress Theme Development

Code your own WordPress theme and style as you want .