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WordPress Kolkata – For Advanced WordPress Training in Kolkata

If you are looking for Advanced WordPress Training Institute in Kolkata then you are at the right place. We at WordPress Kolkata providing one to one ( 1:1 ) Advanced WordPress Training. In this training, you will learn how to operate WordPress confidently so you can create your own custom website.

We love one to one WordPress  Training so we can help each person individually. You can either work on your existing website or create a new one from scratch.


This is a practical WordPress course for beginners or those with very little knowledge about Programming. Ideally, you will have a completed website that you can edit so you can make improvements to during the session.

WordPress Kolkata-  Advanced WordPress Training Institute in Kolkata

What we will cover in Advanced WordPress Training

WordPress Fundamental –  Learn more about WordPress

  • What is WordPress?
  • Why should you learn WordPress?
  • Why WordPress so Popular?
  • How WordPress Works?
  • WordPress Installation and Settings
  • Upgradation WordPress
  • How to use WordPress in existing website?
  • General Settings of WordPress
  • How to create Categories in WordPress Blog?
  • How to create Subcategories  in WordPress Blog
  • Creating multiple pages.
  • Creating a new user.
  • How to install WordPress theme and change it.
  • Customizing themes and Modifying an existing theme.
  • Customizing menus within themes.
  • Creating custom files in admin panel
  • How to backup of WordPress Website?
  • Create a Dynamic website in WordPress step by step.
  • How to install plugin and modify it.
  • How to set permalinks
  • How to customize contact form.
  • How to take a backup of WordPress Website
  • WordPress URL & Menu Structure.
  • Installing Widgets, adding Widgets to Sidebars.
  • Customizing sidebar with widgets.
  • Uploading content and manage it.
  • Adding, changing and deleting a page.
  • Knowledge of cpanel,dabase,user in live.
  • How to make a website to live to server.
  • WordPress Folder Structure of WordPress

WordPress Development – Code on your WordPress Project

  • Theme Development
  • Creating and adding New Page Templates.
  • Creating multiple menus in WordPress
  • Create a Widget
  • Custom Post Type
  • Taxonomy in Post Type
  • Admin Dashboard Customization
  • Plugin Development and many more

Who should attend to this – Advanced WordPress Training 

Our Advanced WordPress training course is for people with competent IT skills or is comfortable using the Internet.

  • Need some help getting to grips with WordPress, or just need some practical advice?
  • Looking for a Local WordPress expert in Kolkata for some training?
  • Want to learn more about WordPress so you can do more yourself?

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