Advanced WordPress Course in Kolkata

We at WordPress Kolkata can help you to develop your own WordPress website with one of our excellent services. Whether you’re brand new to the platform or you already have basic skills, our courses can help you to develop your own professional blog or website. Call us to today to find the right course to suit you!


To attend this course you should have a basic knowledge of WordPress. This course assumes you know how to carry out content listed on the beginner course. Click here to view the beginners WordPress course

  • Anyone who maintains and updates his/ her WordPress websites  themselves
  • Anyone who wants a new career or a new skill to enhance their lifestyle
  • Anyone wishing to gain advanced WordPress knowledge
  • Wants to know best practices and save time avoiding all the pitfalls and delays
  • Already has or runs a WordPress site and wants to know how to manage it properly
  • Is frustrated with paying web developers to build and manage websites for them and wants to take back control!
  • Anyone looking for a new career path or wishing to make an income through creating websites
  • Wants to earn additional income by building or selling websites
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